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  • No. All photos and videos are copyrighted. By joining the site and paying your subscription fee you are granted the right to download and keep the photos and videos for your own personal use and enjoyment forever. It is illegal to share them with anyone, whether that be a friend, a group of friends or more widely such as on forums and file lockers. I reserve the right to take legal action against, and claim damages from, anyone found to have committed such an offence.

    Content theft, sometimes called 'Piracy', has a terrible effect on member pay sites like this one. Not only does it deprive me of money to help pay for the production of new content for you, I also have to spend thousands of dollars a year paying an agency to try and remove this stolen content from the internet.

    In an effort to further combat this scourge, from October 2022 many videos on the site that you download will be invisibly marked with a unique identifier on every single frame that links that video to you. This encrypted information can not be read by anyone else and is totally secure. This is done so that we can trace where any videos come from that we find have been illegally shared anywhere.

    Videos that you download from the site whilst you are a member are yours to keep and enjoy forever, but I'd like to remind you that they are only for your own personal use and viewing This should in no way detract from your enjoyment of this site and there should be no noticeable change to the way in which the site works.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact.

    For more information about this technology please see https://autograph.xvid.com/
  • When you go to any set you will see a 'favorite' button you can click. Do that and then to view your 'favourite sets' go to the 'heart shaped' icon at the very top of the page and click that and it will show all the sets you have selected. You can remove sets from your list by returning to the set you wish to remove and clicking on the 'favorite' button again which will be saying 'unfavorite'
  • There is no daily download limit.